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 Here is a free half hour of full version MP3 downloads from the Meloware Archive.  Load these into your computer and enjoy them. Each time you listen, they become more clear and familiar to your ear.

Note that these transcribed and restored versions of these antique 78 rpm records are copyright by Meloware. You are free to download from this site and enjoy them for personal use. Please do not distribute any recording from this website.


by Edward M. Favor
Humorous Tribute to  President Theodore Roosevelt
Zonophone no. 850 ca. 1904

2 minutes, 42 seconds

(1610K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Every Little Bit, Added to What You've Got, Makes Just a Little Bit More 
sung by Arthur Collins
Comic Song about thrift 
Victor no. 5295 1907
Perfect Condition!
This is what a new record sounds like..
2 minutes, 29 seconds

(1449K 80kb/s mono MP3)

The Battle Cry of Freedom 
sung by Byron G. Harlan and Frank C. Stanley
Famous American Civil War song 
Victor no. 4099 October 10, 1904
written in the 1860's
2 minutes, 20 seconds

(1358K 80kb/s mono MP3)

sung by Byron G. Harlan and Frank C. Stanley
popular song 
Victor no. 5022 Janurary 23, 1907
2 minutes, 27 seconds

(1426K 80kb/s mono MP3)

I'm Looking for a Sweetheart 
sung by Billy Murray and Miss Ada Jones
Silly Love Song 
Victor no. 16322A March 2, 1909
a great duet by Jones and Murray
2 minutes, 45 seconds

(1610K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Hard Times 
sung by the Haydn Quartet
Victor no. 16142A May 17, 1905
Stephen Foster song
2 minutes, 44 seconds

(1593K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Jesus Christ is Risen Today 
sung by the Haydn Quartet
Victor no. 16178A December 30, 1907
Famous Easter Hymn
2 minutes, 45 seconds

(1603K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Come On and Kiss Yo' Baby 
sung by Collins and Harlan
Comic Love Duet 
Victor no. 16224A October 2, 1907
great example of a Collins and Harlan tune
2 minutes, 59 seconds

(1743K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Sunny South Medley 
Arthur Pryor's Band
Band Medley 
Victor no. 16819BA September 23, 1908
song selections of the American South
2 minutes, 49 seconds

(1643K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Uncle Josh on a Fifth Avenue Bus 
Cal Stewart
Yankee Talk 
Victor no. 16819BA about 1903
Uncle Josh tells of his trouble with public transportation
2 minutes, 23 seconds

(1392K 80kb/s mono MP3)

Lauterbach ("Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone") 
George P. Watson
Yodel Song 
Victor no. 4673 about 1905
Do you remember what happens to the little dog? First verse is in German, the last two are in English
2 minutes, 37 seconds

(1533K 80kb/s mono MP3)